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Hip Fracture Perioperative Network

The aim of the Hip Fracture Perioperative Network is to improve the perioperative management of proximal femoral fractures by multidisciplinary collaboration.

The network was started in May 2007, following The Age Anaesthesia annual scientific conference in Manchester. Initially, the network tried to recruit an "anaesthetic champion" from each acute trust across The U.K.

Membership has grown steadily but it was realised that many members were not anaesthetists. Orthogeriatrics is a growing division of medicine for older persons and they are now crucial to the cooperation between anaesthesia and the team caring for hip fracture patients. At the network meeting, in Bournemouth May 2011, the name of the network was changed to "Hip Fracture Perioperative Network".

The network lead is Richard Griffiths, an anaesthetist in Peterborough, Stu White looks after the audit and research activities, he is based in Brighton and Amer Majeed is the linchpin who manages the site, he is an ST4 trainee in The North West.

There have been two publications from the network and this year there has been an audit of transfusion practice, which was presented at the AAGBI conference in September 2011. The network has run by NHS networks and has received funding from The Association of Anaesthetists to run national surveys.

The network meeting is held every year during The Age Anaesthesia Association Annual Scientific Meeting.

The most recent HIPEN network meeting, was held at Age Anaesthesia in Leeds in May 2012. There were over 100 members present and the highlight of the meeting was the proposed "ASAP" project.

ASAP "Anaesthesia Sprint Audit of Practice" aims to record vital anaesthesia information on approximately 5,000 patients in a month. This will provide important baseline information on co-morbidities, bone cement implantation syndrome, seniority of staffing and anaesthesia technique.

The "paper pilot" phase is almost complete and talks between the bodies involved are at an advanced stage. This will be a very big effort and will heavily rely on the consultant members of the network, to deliver the data.

Once the first audit is complete a mechanism exists for further audits to take place. This offers a real opportunity to push educational initiatives after the first audit and really test if guidelines in anaesthesia can deliver improvements for patients.

For further information please contact Dr Richard Griffiths or visit the Hip Fracture Anaesthesia Network website.


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