AAGBI/Anaesthesia Departmental Research Grant

The successful applicant for the AAGBI/Anaesthesia Departmental Research Grant was:

Principal Applicant
Dr G Minto Department of Anaesthesia, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

Title of Project
Randomised controlled trial of intraoperative goal directed fluid therapy in aerobically fit and unfit patients having major colorectal surgery


Major colorectal surgery has traditionally been associated with a prolonged hospital stay and a moderate risk (1-5%) of mortality or serious cardiopulmonary morbidity.

Controversies exist regarding intraoperative fluid management for major colorectal surgery. Goal Directed Fluid therapy (GDT) refers to fluid management targeted toward improving the cardiac output to set levels, hence improving end organ perfusion. Minimally invasive devices are now available to measure cardiac stroke volume. Intra-operative GDT has been shown to reduce median hospital length of stay after major colorectal surgery from 9 to 7 days. Pre-operative Cardiopulmonary Exercise (CPX) testing can identify patients with a low cardiorespiratory reserve. Do patients who are categorised 'high risk' on the basis of a preoperative CPX test result benefit more from GDT than a fitter cohort?

 First Year Progress Report from Dr G Minto (38 KB)

Full report published in British Journal of Anaesthesia 108 (1): 53-62 (2012)