The successful applicants for the ACTA / VASGBI / BJA & RCoA Project Grant were:

Principal Applicant
Dr Andrew Klein & Professor Toby Richards
Papworth Hospital, Cambridge

The UK CAVIAR Study: The UK CArdiac and Vascular surgery


Scientific Abstract

Pre-operative anaemia is common in patients awaiting cardiac and vascular surgery, and is associated with increased mortality and morbidity, including prolonged stay in ICU and hospital, and increased transfusion. In patients with chronic cardiovascular disease, anaemia is commonly due to iron restriction and often associated with elevated hepcidin, a key regulatory protein. Treatment with intravenous iron has been studied in a medical setting, but its effectiveness in cardiovascular surgical patients has not been proven. This multi-centre study aims to assess whether intravenous iron given pre-operatively to elective cardiac and vascular surgery patients with anaemia increases haemoglobin concentration, and the effect on patient outcome. It will also allow us to determine which subgroups of patients will respond to intravenous iron, and what happens to their hepcidin concentration, both of which are unknown in this patient population. We will study 72 patients who receive intravenous iron before cardiac and also vascular surgery, and will also follow a matched comparison group of patients who do not attend the anaemia clinic pre-operatively. The primary endpoint is haemoglobin concentration change before operation. In a smaller subgroup of 24 patients (12 cardiac and 12 vascular), we will also assess cardiorespiratory fitness before and after intravenous iron.

 First Year Report from Dr A Klein & Prof T Richards (353 KB)

 Second Year Report from Dr A Klein & Prof T Richards (362 KB)