BSOA Project Grant

The successful applicant for the BSOA Project Grant was:

Dr Narendra Siddaiah

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham

The clinical effectiveness of combined intravenous and oral tranexamic acid (TXA) in reducing haemoglobin drop after primary hip or knee replacement


Scientific Abstract
The proposed study will be a single-centre double-blinded randomised controlled trial (RCT) (the participants and the assessors will be blinded to the intervention). The study population will consist of 200 patients undergoing uncemented primary THR, and 200 patients undergoing cemented primary TKR, at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) in Birmingham. All study participants will be suitable for an anaesthetic that enables early postoperative enteral nutrition. Each group will be randomised to receive IV TXA (standard treatment) or IV + oral TXA (study intervention). The key outcome measure is pre- to postoperative Hb drop, and the comparisons between IV TXA and IV + oral TXA groups will be drawn separately for THR and TKR patients. We will also measure blood loss, blood transfusions, functional outcomes, length of stay, and adverse events. The financial cost of IV TXA and IV + oral TXA administration will be assessed.