How to Apply for Other Grants and Awards

Completed hard copy applications should be sent by post to:

Ms Pamela Hines, NIAA Coordinator
Churchill House
35 Red Lion Square

Electronic applications

Important Notes

  • Carefully read the call details and eligibility criteria. If in doubt contact Pamela Hines
  • Applicants must submit their applications by the deadline
  • You must complete and upload your application in a single file.

Upload Request Form

To upload a file you must first confirm your name and email address by filling in and submitting the form below.

If you have entered a valid email address you will receive an email containing a link. This link will allow you to access the upload page where you will be able to submit your document in either PDF (.pdf), Word (.doc / .docx) or a group of files in ZIP (.zip) format.

Full instructions will be included in the email. If you don't receive an email then please re-send this form carefully checking that you have typed your email address correctly.

Please report any problems with file upload via the contact page.

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