NELA Newsletter - 47th Edition - December 2019

Year 5 Annual Report

The Fifth Patient Audit Report of the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit is published on Friday 13 December 2019.

The NELA Project Team would like to apologise for the delay in the publication of the Fifth NELA Report. This was due to elements beyond our control and the recent General Election Purdah period.

The Full and Highlight Annual Reports are available for downloaded from the NELA Website - Click Here

Individual Hospital Annual Reports have also been published and these can be access on the NELA Webtool Reports page - Click Here

Patient Data Collection - Year 6

Data collection period for year 6 has now come to a close. It is important to ensure that the cases being entered are also being completed and locked. Remember a patient can only be included in the audit if their case on the web tool is locked, meaning that all cases that remain "incomplete" on the system will go to waste.

Our Sixth Annual Patient Report will focus on procedures that took place from 1st December 2018 until 30th November 2019 and we are giving hospitals until Wednesday 31st January 2020 to ensure that all these cases are locked and exportable by the Project Team.

Therefore, over the next few weeks please go through your hospital's incomplete cases to complete and lock as many of them as possible. Many of you will also have patient cases that are eligible for inclusion but have not yet been entered on the web tool; it is imperative that these are also included and completed as soon as possible so that you have time to lock them before the January deadline.

Patient Data Collection - Year 7

As NELA is a continuous Audit, the Data collection period for Year 7 started on 1st December 2019 and continuing on until 30th November 2020.

For Year 7 the NELA Project Team have made some changes to the NELA Dataset. Minor changes were made including changes in wording to questions. Updated paper versions are available to download from the 'Support' tab on the NELA Webtool -Click Here

Quarterly Reports

The NELA Team have published the NELA Individual Hospital & Best Practice Tariff Quarterly Reports for Quarter 2. This quarter covers cases from 01 July 2019 to 30 September 2019. You can download the reports here -Click Here

FLO-ELA Update

NELA leads at hospital sites that are not yet involved in the FLO-ELA trial have been contacted recently with a request to join the project. The trial is likely to be extended for another two years so we encourage you to discuss this locally and try to contribute if possible. Please contact the trial team at for more information.

Feedback Survey

There is still time to contribute to the NELA Participant Feedback Survey if you have not already.
The NELA Project Team would like to hear your views and experiences on how the audit is progressing and as you are the local leads, we would very much like to hear directly from you as to what your experiences have been in running the audit at your individual hospitals.

The link to the survey is -

Not all survey questions need to be answered, so please feel free to respond only to those that you feel are applicable to you.

Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria Changes

Please ensure you are familiar with the NELA Inclusion/Exclusion criteria on our Website
and Webtool. As always the criteria on the Inclusion/Exclusion list is not exhaustive. Please contact the Project Team if you have any questions or need any clarification.

Quality Improvement Videos

The popular NELA Quality Improvement videos are all available on our youtube channel. All three videos are listed below and can be watched on this playlist:
1. "Using run charts to drive quality improvements with NELA data"
2. "Using NELA for Quality improvement"
3. "NELA: understanding the system

Additional Useful Tools on NELA Website -

Click Here

Exception & Excellence - The spreadsheet on the webtool which allows you to identify those patients that died before hospital discharge and display whether or not key standards of care were met -
Guide for calculating observed/expected mortality ratio - Instructions for calculating how your hospital's in-patient mortality rate compares to the expected mortality based on preoperative risk assessment
Outlier Policy - Sets out the process by which participating hospital performance will be assessed and the process the NELA Project Team will follow to manage any hospital that is found to fall outside the expected range of performance and therefore flagged as an outlier
Top Tips - List compiled of some of the most useful and effective advice that was sent into us by a number of the top performing NELA sites
Frequently Asked Questions - Constantly updated FAQs
Help Box Text - Provides additional assistance for filling in each of the data collection questions and can also be found on the web tool by clicking on the 'H' button to the right of every question
Proforma - A PDF copy of the latest Proforma
NELA Poster & Leaflet - To publicise the audit amongst staff and patients in the hospital
OPCS Labels - For procedure items in the NELA dataset

Certificate of Participation

To receive your copies of the NELA Certificate of Participation please contact your hospital's Local Administrator to request that a certificate be issued for you.

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Key dates

• June 2015: First Patient Report published
• July 2016: Second Patient Report published
• October 2017: Third Patient Report published
• November 2018: Fourth Patient Report Published
• 1st December 2018: 6th year of data collection for patient audit started
Winter 2019: Fifth Patient Audit Report due to be published

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