NIAA Comprehensive Review 2016 - 2018

NIAA Review 2018 Cover

We are pleased to announce that our tenth anniversary NIAA Comprehensive Review 2016-18 is now available online.

The Comprehensive Review celebrates the recent successes of the NIAA and its related projects including updates on Research Grant funding, Academic Anaesthesia, Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) and the UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network (UK POMCTN).

This edition also highlights the NIAA's tenth anniversary, with reflections from former NIAA Board chairs across its decade history, plus impact statements from the founding and funding partners that make up the NIAA.

You can download a copy here:
 niaa-review-2018 online FINAL.pdf (4.46 MB)

If you have any queries or would like physical copies of the Comprehensive Review please contact the NIAA Coordinator.

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