How to Apply for NIAA Funding

  • Read the call details, eligibility criteria and application form for your chosen grant carefully. If in doubt contact the NIAA Coordinator using the form below.
  • Applicants must submit their application online by the stated deadline. We advise you to allow sufficient time for this and factor in any potential technical difficulties you may encounter. The ScholarOne platform becomes extremely busy on deadline dates, so we advise you take this into consideration.
  • Applicants can submit applications to more than one category but these must be on different subjects, i.e. the same application cannot be submitted to multiple categories.
  • Applicants must complete and upload their application to ScholarOne (Manuscript Central) as a SINGLE FILE in PDF format (see link below). This file should include all the documents which make up the application, i.e. the application form, CV, signed declaration, scientific abstract, lay abstract etc.
  • Abstract and lay summary information should be copied and pasted from your PDF file into the text boxes provided on the system.
  • Please note that applicants are no longer required to submit a hard copy of their application to us in the post, however you must make sure that the electronic version that you upload has been fully signed by all relevant parties.
  • All applicants must now submit an NIAA Grants EDI data capture form by email. Information on this is available on each application form and the webpage for each grant call.
  • We are unable to accept any electronic applications after the deadline so it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure their submission is uploaded on time. Please contact us in good time if you are having any difficulties.

Please be advised that incomplete, unsigned or late applications will NOT be considered.

Any questions should be emailed to the NIAA Coordinator using the form below:


How to Apply for NIAA Funding

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