Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT)


The Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT) is a network of regional groups of Anaesthetic Trainee Research Groups.

The NIAA is committed to supporting anaesthetic trainees involved in research to improve patient care.

Our aim is to increase the opportunities for anaesthetic trainees to be involved in high impact research, and we welcome the development of RAFT as an important step towards promoting and developing trainee-led research in the UK.

The NIAA has involved RAFT in the research activities of the NIAA via the nominated RAFT representative on the NIAA Research Council and Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) Executive Management Board.

The HSRC also disseminates information on RAFT activity via the Quality Audit and Research Co-ordinators (QuARCs) as and when appropriate.

The NIAA does not automatically endorse local and regional trainee-led audits or research projects and responsibility for the governance of such activity is a local matter.

For further information please visit the RAFT website.


Pain-Train is a trainee led research network for trainees interested in Pain Research.

After the successful GABACUTE study in 2018-19 we have recently relaunched our website. We run training days, coordinate research projects and are hoping to develop a section of the website advertising fellowships, university courses and projects for the pain research interested trainee. Contact us if you're interested in getting involved.

RAFT and the rise and rise of trainee-led research networks

Dr Sam Clark and Dr Caroline Thomas (former RAFT Chair & RAFT Secretary) wrote an article highlighting the work of RAFT and the multiple regional trainee-led research networks for the May 2017 edition of the RCoA Bulletin. Click the link below to read it.

 RAFT.pdf (119 KB)

RAFT Winter Scientific Meeting 2023

Date: 23rd February 2023
Location: Royal College of Anaesthetists, Churchill House, 35 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4SG