Seventh Patient NELA Report

NELA-Report2021_3 Nov 2021_COVER

The Seventh Patient Report of the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit outlining the results, conclusions and recommendations from the audit was published on Thursday, 11 November 2021.

There are two reports available for download: a shorter Highlight Report and the full report. The report outlines the results, conclusions and recommendations from the audit. Individual downloads of supporting documents are also available below.

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NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Highlight Report:

 NELA Year 7 - Highlight Report.pdf (651 KB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Full Report:

 NELA Year 7 Report - Full Report.pdf (1.59 MB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Results Infographic:

 NELA Year 7 Results Infographic.pdf (169 KB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Patient Journey Infographic:

 NELA Year 7 Patient Journey.pdf (128 KB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Supplementary Tables & Figures:

 The_Seventh_Patient_Report_of_the_National_Emergency_Laparotomy_Audit_Nov_2021-Supplementary_Summary_Tables_and_Figures_v1.pdf (621 KB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Standalone RAG Table & Year 7 Hospital Level Achievement Key Process of Care:

 Year7 Annual RAG final November 2021.xls (572 KB)

NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Local Presentation Template


NELA Patient Audit 2021 - Technical Appendix

 NELA Year 7 Technical Appendix.pdf (864 KB)

Technical Documents

 NELA-(2020)-Recalibrated-risk-model-coefficients.pdf (261 KB)
For further information on the update to the NELA Risk Adjustment Model go to

 NELA Standards Calculations April 2019.pdf (636 KB)
 NELA Technical Document - Overview of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) July 2016.pdf (432 KB)
 NELA Technical Document - Sumary of Methods July 2016.pdf (190 KB)
 NELA - Show workings for Second NELA Report.pdf (289 KB)
 Process-Outcome Measures.pdf (378 KB)

NELA Dashboard

To access real-time national data via the NELA Online Dashboard, please go to:

Dashboard User Notes

If you are an audit participant and would like to see your real-time local data in comparison to the national, please click the link above. Here you can download the NELA Dashboard User Notes.

 NELA-Patient-Audit-Dashboard-User-Notes.pdf (710 KB)