British Oxygen Company Chair of Anaesthesia Research Grant

In 1958, the British Oxygen Company (BOC), made a charitable donation in support of anaesthesia research. The BOC Chair of Anaesthesia Fund was created using this donation and is a subsidiary charity of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The object of the charity is the endowment of a research fellowship in a department of Anaesthesia. On behalf of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) is inviting applications for this grant.

This award was previously open for applications in 2019 however due to COVID-19 the decision was taken to postpone all NIAA research grants activity before any shortlisting took place. We are inviting applications from clinicians and basic scientists conducting research in anaesthesia, which can additionally be projects focused on topics of relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic but this is not mandatory. Previous applicants will be given the opportunity to revise and/or resubmit their previous application in light of the above.

The RCoA is utilising the available funds in support of those who are working towards a senior fellowship or developing a credible application for a Chair in Anaesthesia (or related specialities) within the next five years. Applications are welcomed from clinicians and basic scientists with a similar ambition.

We have increased the amount of this award from previous years and a grant of £80,000 per annum is available. This can support the costs of research sessions, projects or infrastructure. The grant is available for 4 years (reviewed after 2 years) and annual progress reports must be submitted to the NIAA.

Applicants must demonstrate an existing research record, the support of a senior mentor/supervisor, a credible research proposal and evidence of a supportive research environment.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 30 October 2020.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will take place on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

The application form can be downloaded below and should be submitted to the NIAA Coordinator, Ms Pamela Hines by email.

 British Oxygen Company Research Grant Application Form Jul2020.doc (1.11 MB)

For details of the successful recipients of the 2015 BOC Research Grant
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Please contact the NIAA Coordinator if you have any queries about this award.