19th Jul 2021

NIAA Research Award 2021

As we start to return to normality following the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NIAA is pleased to resume our Research Award for new investigators that have completed a 'body of work', which will be open for applications until Monday 27 September 2021.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges convened by the NIAA, and should be submitted as a summary of the applicant's research project/'body of work'. The judges will select a shortlist of applicants who will be invited to record a 10-minute presentation which will be included on the programme of the 2-day Anaesthesia Research 2021 conference which takes place 10-11 November 2021.

Shortlisted applicants must be available for a live Q&A session on 11th November 2021. The overall winner will then be announced at Anaesthesia Research on 11th November 2021.

Full information, criteria and application details here.

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