23rd Feb 2023

NEW BJA/RCoA Centenary Grants

BJA 2023

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The British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) and the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) will be awarding two substantial grants in 2023 to celebrate the centenary of the BJA. The awards will support the career development of individuals through funding of high quality clinical or basic science research within the broad fields of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, critical care, or pain.

Two grants of up to £300,000 are available which will provide a stable funding platform for an individual researcher to support their research career development. It is expected that the individual will be in the early stages of their career and not yet achieved full professor status. In order to encourage international collaborations, the awards are available to both UK and international applicants. Applicants will require identification of at least one UK-based and one non-UK-based mentor, Both clinical and non-clinical applicants are welcome to apply.

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Encompass clinical or basic science research questions relevant to the broad field of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, critical care, or pain.
  • Identify applicants with significant academic potential
  • Justify the role of the funding in terms of supporting career development
  • Have strong support from the host institution and identify at least two mentors, one of whom must be based in the UK, and one non-UK based
  • Form part of a credible plan for continued research funding in the future

Following completion of the research proposed in the application, the successful applicant will be able to show evidence of

  • Securing additional funds
  • Training of self and others in relevant research areas
  • Increased research skills - in existing and new areas
  • Independence as a researcher
  • Publications arising from the award
  • Research capacity development
  • Established collaborative relationships within own institution and with other units

Note: it will be mandatory for all awardees to report via Researchfish, for information collating.

How to apply

The application process will be in two stages:
Stage 1 (now closed): a two-page initial outline application (deadline: 01 May 2023). Applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts and up to 10 applications will be invited to submit a full application. The initial outline application is now closed. Applicants successful at this stage will be advised in early June 2023.
Applicants should note:
1. References are not necessary at the initial stage.
2. If references are included, the limit still remains at two pages.
3. If references are included there is no format style requirement. We would request that the font size is readable.

Stage 2: up to 10 selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application. This process will use the NIAA submission platform. The application form can be found here (available after Stage 1) and the deadline will be 24 Sep 2023. The applications will be reviewed by experts in the relevant field and decisions will be made by a grant committee which will meet in early Dec 2023. Successful applicants will be advised by mid Dec 2023.

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