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Dr Vikas Kaura

Researcher IDC-7133-2014 (more information)
Company / InstitutionUniversity of Leeds
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Job TitleMRC/BJA Clinical Research Training Fellow in Anaesthesia
Research Interest

The major focus of my work is the modulation of ion channels and how these relate to health and disease. This has included studying the effects of neurosteroids on the serotonergic system with a focus on the GABAA receptor, as well as the gaseous transmitters such as hydrogen sulfide on the TRP channels.

My current project aims to address the fundamental need to understand how the genetic differences seen in patients with MH, affects the entry and regulation systems of intracellular calcium in skeletal myocytes.

Research Expertise

Intracellular calcium imaging.
Muscle stem cells
Virally mediated transfection of primary cells.
in vitro slice electrophysiology.

Research Areas

Modulation of ion channels in health and disease.
Skeletal muscle development.
Mechanisms of anaesthesia.

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