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Prof Jaideep Pandit

Researcher IDH-5820-2011 (more information)
Company / InstitutionOxford University Hospitals; St John's Collge Oxford
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Job TitleConsultant Anaesthetist
Research Interest

1. Respiratory Physiology. I study human, animal, cellular (isolated type I carotid body cell) and channel (background K+ channel) response to hypoxia and hypercapnia, using a variety of techniques including dynamic end-tidal forcing (humans), whole body plethysmography (animal) and patch clamping (channel). One question I am currently investigating is whether anaesthetic effects of background K+ channels explain these drugs' effects on whole body ventilatory responses to hypoxia. This approach helps identify the key channels that underlie the hypoxic (and anaesthetic) responses.

2. Difficult airway management. I have conducted several clinical trials of airway devices and as Scientific Officer of the Difficult Airway Society am helping develop further multi-centre trials and guidelines.

3. Regional anaesthesia for carotid artery surgery. I have conducted several trials comparing different types of block and have used basic anatomical techniques to describe better the fascial planes of the neck relevant to spread of local anaesthetic (these are best described in my chapter in Gray's Anatomy).

4. Health economics and operating theatre efficiency. I am undertaking a series of studies formally to describe concepts such as 'theatre efficiency' and 'productivity', with the aim of integrating these with financial measures of theatre performance. I have published studies of optimal workforce planning and demand-capacity balance.

Research Expertise

The expertise and faciliities are best described through the collaborations which are:rnrn1. Physiology: collaborate with in Oxford, Professor Peter Robbins (, Dr Keith Buckler (, Dr Keith Dorrington (, in USA Professor Denham Ward (, in Netherlands Professor Albert Dahan (; in Japan Professor Shiroh Isono (

2. Difficult Airway Management - see www;

3. Regional anaesthesia for carotid surgery: Professor John Morris (Oxford; and Dr Ramachandran (USA:

4. Health economics - Dr Jonathan Deacon, Newport (

Research Areas

I would be interested in collaborative work in all these areas.

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