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Dr David Brealey

Researcher IDA-1639-2012 (more information)
Company / InstitutionUniversity College Hospital London
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Job TitleConsultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (Lead for Clinical Trials)
Research Interest

Clinical trials and experimental medicine for critical care

Research Expertise

We have a team of three, dedicated, full-time senior research nurses and a senior trials co-ordinator. We have expertise in running a range of critical care studies from high volume observational to complex interventional drug or equipment studies. We are capable of undertaking commercial, NIHR or academic work and are national leaders in many of these studies. We have a 7 day a week presence, dedicated laboratory space (including centrifuges and -80 freezer) and a clinical trials office with secure data storage. We have access to the UCLH archiving service.

Research Areas

We are particuarly keen to be involved with early phase (I/IIa) interventional studies related to critical care. However we are also delighted to be involved in important later phase studies. Always happy to discuss.

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