Abstract Guidelines

Submission of Abstracts, Verbal and Poster Presentations

Abstracts for presentations should be sent by email to the NIAA Administrator. Submission by post on a CD or USB Stick is also acceptable.

All abstracts should be submitted as plain text, rich text or Microsoft Word format. Images may be embedded within MS Word documents or may be sent separately as jpg or gif files.

The NIAA does not accept presentations of work that has previously been published or presented.

Abstracts should fit a single A4 sheet with 12 point font, 2.5 cm margins and single line spacing and should include the following information:

  • Abstract title
  • All authors' initials and last names (indicate any non-members using an asterisk)
  • The address where the work was carried out
  • The text of the abstract should not contain headings, but should follow the general progression through background, methods, results, conclusions.
  • Use a blank line to separate paragraphs
  • One table or figure is permitted, and tables should be incorporated into the document
  • If a figure is used, ensure that a figure caption is provided within the abstract document. The figure will be reduced in printing; please do not use any font in the figure smaller than your text font
  • References are listed and cited as specified by the British Journal of Anaesthesia, except that you do not need to provide the titles of papers
  • There is no restriction on the number of references cited
  • Please acknowledge any source of funding for your study at the end of the abstract
  • Please include the following statement in your email of submission: "I confirm that all authors listed support the submission of this abstract to the NIAA."
  • Where appropriate, please also include the following statement: "I confirm that this study received ethics committee approval or was conducted under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act (1986) (include licence numbers) or equivalent"
  • Please state in your email whether you have a preference for a poster or verbal presentation

Please submit abstracts to:

NIAA Administrator
The Royal College of Anaesthetists
Churchill House
35 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4SG

Guidance for Poster Presentations

Posters should be of A0 size, presented in the portrait (vertical) format and preferably professionally printed onto a single sheet and laminated. Posters should seek to present greater detail than in the abstract and should not simply reproduce its text.

There is greater opportunity to use figures in posters and to go into greater background detail. In general, posters should contain no more than 750 words, including title, authors & references.

The NIAA does not lay down a strict format for poster content but in general, a progression through title, authors, institution, methods, results, conclusions, acknowledgements, references works well.