The John Snow Anaesthesia Intercalated Awards 2020

Please note that as of 24/03/20 the John Snow Intercalated Awards 2020 are postponed due to COVID-19. Please see news item here.

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Please note that as of 24/03/20 the John Snow Intercalated Awards 2020 are postponed due to COVID-19. Please see news item here.

Full submission details are included in the application form below. We are now accepting applications for projects which may have already started - providing this was during the current academic year - and continue to encourage applications from students at institutions in Wales and Ireland (both RoI and NI).

Once the deadline has passed all received applications will be sent for review, and we will endeavour to contact all applicants and their supervisors by the end of May 2020.

  • The scheme has been designed to encourage medical student interest in anaesthesia and its related disciplines
  • Each partner is offering awards of £2,000 to each successful student
  • An institution can submit a maximum of four applications in any given year, so we encourage some coordination between supervisors
  • Awards go to the student and not the supervisor/institution and are meant to contribute to living costs. Project running costs will be funded by the supervisor/institution
  • The awards are intended for students who are studying as part of a programme of work leading towards a registered medical qualification. Therefore students of intercalated Bachelors or Masters degrees are eligible to apply. Applications from students undertaking either programme of study will be reviewed in parallel.
  • Assessment criteria: (1) quality of the student, (2) quality of the research project and (3) supervisor and teaching environment. We do not typically provide detailed feedback to applicants.
  • Applications can be submitted for projects that have already commenced during the current academic year. In these cases, the project information required on the application form should focus only on the research proposal rather than the results.
  • Funding should be acknowledged in any publications (i.e. Funded by Association of Anaesthetists/Anaesthesia, BJA/RCoA, or NACCS via the NIAA as indicated in the award letter) and a final report will be required.
  • Depending on uptake, intercalaters may be asked to present their work at a meeting.

These awards are annual, so if your department misses the deadline for 2020 please do consider applying in the following year.

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