How do you ensure the research network continues?


One of the concepts of SWARM is that frequent movement of trainees between hospitals is not an issue. As trainees move they can be involved in the same projects and the same organisation, which has the same infrastructure at each site. The central committee and the local trust consultant mentors provide continuity whilst the local trust trainee representatives are replaced each year. This position will become a common fixture at each trust with an identical job description, so the trainees can fill it as they move hospital without any real new learning curve.


The committee is made up of trainees from a number of different hospitals. We are fortunate that the geographical area we cover is relatively small; most of the Birmingham committee living within a few miles of our teaching hospital so most attend our monthly meetings at the moment. We've been through one rotation already, which has actually strengthened the network as trainees moved round and spread the word! It helps that we all get on well, and support those with childcare challenges and on call commitments to ensure people stay involved and enthusiastic.