What have been your biggest successes to date?


I would say both the growth of our group and recognition for its model in and outside of the deanery, as well as our involvement in the international observational prospective study LAS VEGAS (Local Assessment of Ventilation Management during General Anaesthesia for Surgery) are our greatest successes. This being said I believe that we still have a long way to go before our collaborative can be considered a long-term success with issues over sustainability at the forefront of our mind. For LAS VEGAS we recruited 586 patients over six trusts (1 Tertiary centre, 5 District General Hospitals) with one of our sites being the third largest recruiter internationally and our effort comprising 36% of the total UK recruitment. Seventy-six trainees were involved in this study.


We're very new to the game at the moment but I'd say our greatest achievement has been the speed with which we've established our name, logo, committee, network, constitution, technological support and carried out our first audit, all since our first meeting around my kitchen table in May.