What input do you have from consultants?


Our consultant mentors have been invaluable in helping us start and grow the collaborative to date. We have consultant committee members who help the trainee committee members in managing the network, and local trust consultant mentors who support the local trust trainee leads with project management. As mentioned previously, we have a wealth of clinical research experience amongst our consultant body, with certain individuals being recognised on both the national and international scene. Mentors with these credentials provide us with logistical support at a regional and local level, as well as give invaluable advice when it comes to project selection and development. Through our project management software all consultant members of SWARM can openly discuss any aspect of the network or its projects with the trainees involved. We also discuss each project with the local trust departmental clinical governance leads (for audit), college tutors (for trainee involvement, study leave and / or time away from theatre) or any recognised local experts in a subject area who's advice could be crucial for project success. Finally, we have had input form consultant members of our Specialist Training Committee to aid us in best delivering changes that can help trainees in their CT / ST applications.


We've had fantastic support from our consultants, who have already provided peer review of projects, facilitation of governance registration and suggestions for improvements in our network activities. Our consultants directors, trust leads and presidents are invited to our committee meetings and regularly provided wisdom and sense to our ideas. We've also been very fortunate to be supported by consultants with RCOA, FICM and NIAA roles and consequently have been involved with national trainee research strategy meetings for both anaesthesia and ICM trainees.