What are the biggest logistical or organisational problems that you have faced?


One great benefit of our region is that it is small with only six trusts across the deanery. This made it considerably easier to engineer the group in the beginning and remains beneficial when it comes to communication and project management. I suspect that this would be far harder in larger regions (although benefits such as recruitment potential would come from a larger size). For us I believe that our greatest problem will be sustainability. A permanent network that continues to produce high-quality work requires good leadership from successive 'generations' of interested and enthusiastic trainees. It is easy to win support from our colleagues when there is an initial burst of interest and enthusiasm linked to a new, novel idea, but ensuring that this continues in the long-term is more problematic. We do not yet have the answer to this!


Setting up our website has proven to be much more time-consuming than we'd anticipated and will need a lot of effort to make it fit for purpose and contain all the content we'd like it to, from local information on research infrastructure through to opportunities for research fellowships and project updates.