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Prof Andrew Rice

Researcher IDI-7501-2012 (more information)
Company / InstitutionImperial College London
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Job TitleProfessor of Pain Research
Research Interest

Translational research in chronic neuropathic pain. Especially focus on infectious disease (HIV, Herpes Zoster and Leprosy), peripheral nerve trauma and polyneuropathies (including diabetes and drug-induced neuropathies).

Research Expertise

We conduct translational research in neuropathic pain.
In the laboratory realm this predominantly involves in vivo research involving animal models. We are developed novel ethologically relevant outcome measures in clinically relevant models. We are interested in developing robust paradigms for experimental design, conduct and transparent reporting of animal models. We are also developing methods of systematic review and meta-analysis of pre-clinical data. We identify and validate novel drug targets using functional genomics. Finally, there is ongoing work elucidating the pathogenesis of HIV associated polyneuropathy.
In the clinical domain we have a number of patient profiling and stratification programmes investigating risk factors for developing neuropathic pain, including genetic, especially in the context of HIV, Leprosy and diabetic polyneuropathy. Finally, we design, conduct and interpret randomised controlled trials in neuropathic pain.
Our work is supported by a number of long term funders including the Wellcome Trust (Strategic Award, The London Pain Consortium â€" and the European Commission FP7 programme including the Innovative Medicines Initiative (

Research Areas

Neuropathic pain.

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