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Dr Marcela Paola Vizcaychipi

Researcher IDH-5487-2011 (more information)
Company / InstitutionChelsea and Westminster Hospital
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Job TitleConsultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia
Research Interest

Ageing and cognition. Preventing cognitive damage.

1) Basic Science Anaesthetic Research looking at:

- Effects of anaesthesia, surgery, trauma infection on long-term memory impairment
- Understanding the communication of cells across compartments after major insults
- Impact of commonly used drugs such as statin, magnesium on memory decline after anaesthesia/surgery. (In collaboration with Chen Pac-Soo and D. Ma, Imperial College, London)
- Understanding of the genetic make up of postoperative cognitive dysfunction (in collaboration with M. Johnson, Imperial College, London)
- Modulation of behavioural response of AD by using central acting drugs (in collaboration with M. Sastre, Imperial College, London)
- Assessment of memory function after different models of surgery including renal transplant. (In collaboration with D. Ma, Imperial college).

2) Clinical Research looking at:

- Effect of magnesium on postoperative cognitive dysfunction after elective orthopaedic surgery under general anaesthesia. ( In collaboration with Prof Jose Santos Gracia, Cuba)
- Acute use of Simvastatin to prevent ICU delirium. (In collaboration with V. Page, Imperial College, London)
- Behaviour of the critically ill burned patient and how the initial clinical care influences the long term outcome. (In collaboration with M. Hayes, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, K O'Dea and Prof. M. Takata, Imperial College, London)
- HAART in ICU and the long term outcome of HIV patients. (in collaboration with S. Strachan and F. Post at King's College, London)

Research Expertise

Intensive Care - Anaesthesia - Perioperative Care

Research Areas

Basic science - translational research - participation in multi-centre studies

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