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Mrs Parizade Raymode

Company / InstitutionKettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Job TitleResearch Nurse
Research Interest

I am actively recruiting for Critical Care studies: Promise, Calories, Spotlight, Spotid, Gains. The studies involve collecting bloods, monitoring a critically ill patient and monitoring nutritional status. I have been appointed for the past 2 years and I have really enjoyed the recruitment process. I have improved my knowledge in research in general, and I have also developed skills such as problem solving and actively participating in the patient care and influencing the clinical decision making.

Research Expertise

My background is Critical care and I have also been involved in Emergency Medicine studies. I have thoroughly enjoyed a randomised drug trial that has been open in A & E department. I have recruited patients who are admitted with an acute exacerbation of asthma attack. The day to day workload can be stressful, and having a balance between the paperwork and also being clincal can be challenging but interesting.

Research Areas

Critical Care Anaesthetics, A & E.

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