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Dr Andrew Conway Morris

Researcher IDB-8644-2012 (more information)
Company / InstitutionUniversity of Edinburgh
Job TitleClinical Lecturer in Critical Care Medicine
Research Interest

Innate immune function and dysfunction in sepsis and critical illness
Complement, anaphylotoxins, C5a
Neutrophil dysfunction
Regulatory T-cells in sepsis and critical illness
Nosocomial infection
Ventilator-associated pneumonia
Quality improvement and patient safety

Research Expertise

Work with primary human cells
Intra-cellular signalling and small molecule manipulation
flow cytometry
proteomics and applied proteomics (e.g. diagnostic testing)

Research Areas

Phenotyping immune dysfunction in critical illness and developing rapid clinically relevant tests for this.
Developing and implementing treatments for immune dysfunction.
Mechanisms underpinning immune dysfunction.
System wide healthcare improvement and patient safety projects.

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