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Dr Ram Adapa

Researcher IDD-7925-2012 (more information)
Company / InstitutionUniversity of Cambridge
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Job TitleNIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer
Research Interest

Exploration of the neuroanatomical substrates of consciousness, sedation and anaesthesia.

Research Expertise

I have expertise in a range of techniques critical to cognitive neuroscience including behavioural, fMRI (BOLD and ASL) and high density EEG data acquisition and analysis. The Division of Anaesthesia at Cambridge is uniquely suited to research in cognitive neuroscience. The Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (WBIC) and the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) are fully equipped with physiological monitoring and anaesthetic equipment, making them ideally suited for safe implementation of anaesthetic drug studies. The CRF is also equipped with electrically shielded rooms that enables EEG acquisition during cognitive studies. There is an extensive database of volunteers with pharmacokinetic and behavioural data for sedation studies in Cambridge.

Research Areas

Investigation of neuroanatomical and neurochemical frameworks to understand and treat pathological disorders of consciousness.

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