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Prof David Lambert

Researcher IDB-2629-2012 (more information)
Company / InstitutionUniversity of Leicester
Job TitleProfessor of Anaesthetic Pharmacology
Research Interest

Theme 1. Nociceptin receptors
NOP desensitisation, recombinant and native. Transduction and genomic studies.
Measurement of N/OFQ in biological fluids; especially sepsis

Theme 2. Classical Opioid receptors
Basic pharmacology and comparison of recombinant MOP/DOP/KOP.
Bifunctional and bivalent opioid targeting strategies

Theme 3. Cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids
Basic pharmacology and desensitisation.
Novel cannabinoid receptors (GPR55).
Cannabinoids and sepsis.

Theme 4. Capsaicin (TRPV1) receptors
Basic pharmacology.
Desensitisation (comparison with GPCR).
Comparison of anandamide action at VR1 and CB receptors.
Capsaicin and apoptosis.

Theme 5. Urotensin II
Evaluation of the urotensin II/UT receptor system.
SAR of the peptide and its actions in recombinant and native systems.
UT desensitization.
Measurement of urotensin II in biological fluids.

Research Expertise

In vitro receptor pharmacology
Radioligand binding (receptors and GTPgammaS)
Second messenger assay (Calcium, cAMP, PI turnover)
Plasma biomarker measurements
Migration assays

Research Areas

Opioid and pain related pharmacology. (opiod receptors, cannabinoid receptors and capsaicin receptors).

Peptides (pain and cardiovascular related).

Desensitisation mechanisms.

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